Want to identify A cossor sets Model number age or appearance you can start here in Rogues Gallary

Not all Cossor Sets had official service manuals which are numbered starting SM. As far as I have been able to discover so far prior to 1929 Cossor only produced Radio Kits.

The 1930 Melody Maker Kit sets (see Early Kit Sets page) was almost a complete Radio with very few parts to assemble. It seems that they used these modules to make their first Factory built set the "Cossor Regional Reciever". This was available in the Oak case shown and a black metal case similar to that of the 1930 Cossor Melody makers but from the pictures I have seen not as wide The metal case version does not have an internal loudspeaker. These were 2 valve mains receivers first shown at Radiolympia 1929.

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To the Left is the Cossor Regional Receiver picture from Wireless World 1929 Radiolympia edition September 1929. There is a picture of an actual set in Johnathan Hills Radio Radio Fig 274 Although difficult to see in this picture the escutcheon is identical to that used on the 1930 Melody maker kit sets  and I suspect that it uses the same "Synchronous Control Unit"

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This is the placemarker for the Metal Cased version

Post 1930 Sets

If the number under the set has a red colour rather than black then I have already uploaded the service data. In some cases I have linked to the nearest match.